Woodworking Sliding Table Saw Woodworking Sauce Saw Independent Technology Development And Quality Management System

- May 15, 2017-

Woodworking Sliding Table Saw The company is a set of research and development, production, sales and service in one of the woodworking materials equipment manufacturing enterprises, "master the core technology" for the business philosophy, with excellent product stability, leading technology research and development, leading the Chinese manufacturing computer cutting board saw , With the previous material, after the material, automatic vertical and horizontal materials such as open-type 3 categories of open products.

     Woodworking Sliding Table Saw 2005, focused on the world's outstanding brand heroic and SCM computer cutting board sawing maintenance project, improved advanced technology in Europe and America, ZT2626a8.0 development for the success of laid a solid foundation to become China's first full range of vertical guide design of the manufacturers. "Zheng Tai" first of all to the technology applied to the acrylic board, PC board, light guide plate, woodworking pens saw calcium silicate board, glass and other special sheet material, to overcome the special sheet material out of precision problems. And this technology access to high-end custom furniture industry's favor, changing the previous dependence on Taiwan, Germany, the status of open materials equipment, in 2008, "the development of China's first automatic vertical and horizontal materials saws, the company's technical director Zheng Lu Ping became a computer Saw industry, the only holder of the patented design. "Accumulation of 12 years of customer experience, combined with 1,500 furniture manufacturers to use the experience, the original number of proprietary technology to fill the gaps in the industry. Become Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and other places of the Chinese manufacturers devaluation of the factory direct brand. In 2014, "Zheng Tai" ZT2626a9.0 into a number of custom home business, and heroic, SCM computer panel saw the scene PK, and a number of companies as high-quality suppliers

     Woodworking Sliding Table Saw The company is China's plate furniture machinery industry representative enterprises, in 2010 has been identified as the national high-tech enterprises, the company provides high-quality, full range of plate furniture production equipment and digital solutions. Companies with woodworking machinery industry in the continuous technological innovation, fine production management and high-quality technical service capabilities, has been on the million KDT extreme East machinery brand equipment in the world more than 40 countries and regions of the major furniture production Enterprises, to win the industry's wide acclaim.

     The core competitiveness of independent technology development and quality management system. Through the training and the introduction of domestic and foreign high-quality professionals constitute a high-level R & D team, access to the Guangzhou Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, the Guangdong provincial enterprise technology center, Guangdong Province Engineering Technology Research Center qualification, participated in a number of government departments Support of scientific research projects, has made a number of invention patents, utility model patents and software copyright licensing, in particular, as the main drafting unit system revised industry standards have 4. Hongya NC focus on building the implementation of corporate culture and modern management system of the two pillars, from design, procurement, production and service to form a complete set of quality management processes and strict assessment system, regardless of its multiple professional Of the rack, sheet metal and parts manufacturing enterprises or to Europe, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan and other countries and regions, well-known parts suppliers are in the uninterrupted reliability tracking management.