Woodworking Machinery Manufacturing In China Industry Development Research And Analysis

- Dec 21, 2015-

 Woodworking machinery in China with an annual output value of 10 billion yuan, has become a big country woodworking machinery production, each year there are some woodworking machinery and equipment sold in the United States, Russia and some countries in Africa.

Woodworking machinery industry in China has established a complete system of research, development, production and sales, provided the lumber for the wood processing industry the the plastic platen, particleboard, high density fiberboard, architectural decoration, furniture sets of processing equipment, and other 69 major categories 1100 A variety of woodworking machinery products. Some key companies in Shanghai, Suzhou Mudanjiang Xinyang, Shunde Lunjiao, Qingdao and origin.

As in recent years, furniture, wood flooring manufacturers product upgrading, users select woodworking machinery and equipment, and its foothold often focused on domestic products. This is because domestic woodworking machinery overall technical level close to the international advanced level of woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises in strict accordance with national standards and industry standards organizations with international advanced standards equivalent production, so as to ensure the advanced nature of the domestic woodworking machinery. 30000-80000 m3 Shanghai production in high-density fiberboard production line equipment have world-class technical level, Xinyang, Henan 30000-80000 m3 particleboard manufacturing complete sets of production lines, 90% in the domestic market coverage. Production equipment of all types of furniture the Guangdong Shunde London production can meet the needs of the domestic furniture manufacturers.