Sawing Machine Four Column Saw Machine With Digital Lift, Automatic Take The Machine

- May 15, 2017-

Sawing Machine I plant production saw board machine has 20 years of history, after 20 years of development, the company has developed into a design and development and production in one of the sawdust machine production enterprises, the company independently developed four vertical column saw machine, has been National patent certification. Four-column sawing machine with digital lift, automatic take the machine to solve the problem of the previous saw large diameter wood saws difficult, sawing machine can be sawing board diameter from 15 cm to 350 cm range of wood, saw board Length is not limited, saw flatness, high standard. Products into the market by the wood processing plants, furniture manufacturers and other consumer favorite products are sold throughout the country and Africa, Southeast Asia, Oceania and other countries and regions.

    Sawing Machine The Company to "credibility, quality first" for the purpose of focusing on personnel training, technology development, in good faith for the world's vast number of wood processing industry

The company and the Guangdong Ma, Nanxing, Yu Jun, Jiang Jia, Italy sharp invincible saw blade, the German blue flag saw blade, Israel Malaysia, Sichuan wood blade and other world famous brands of manufacturers to establish a good relationship of cooperation, always With the industry's latest technology to maintain the same. All the customers want, what, as the starting point, and wholeheartedly for the needs of customers and tailor-made a series of professional services, from the feasibility of the program design, product installation use, commissioning, after-sales maintenance. So after years of establishment, the company in good faith professional style to win the majority of customer recognition and praise.

"To ensure quality, customer first" is the company has always uphold the business philosophy, the company will, as always, for each customer to provide high-quality products, but also provide efficient and quality service! So that customers really feel the furniture industry in another area!

    Sawing Machine The company is based on research and development, design and manufacturing as one of the high-tech industry entities. The company is committed to the development of process control research and development, product in the motion control, online scale, synchronous drag, signal measurement, saw machine industry, field communication and man-machine interface, etc. are widely used. The main products are microcomputer scale saws, online cold cutting saws, copper pipe scale saws, steel pipe automatic balers, cold-rolled steel punching machine, rebar turning machine, guardrail plate length punching Machine, and even the load distribution control machine, as well as shear butt welding machine, open-book machine, flattening machine and horizontal spiral sleeve welded pipe production line series of machines and so on.

The company has doctorate or master's degrees, senior engineers and other professional and technical personnel composed of R & D team, with independent research and development of the core technology, mechanical design and mechanical processing plant. We continue to innovate and develop in technology, always grasp the forefront of the industry's technology. The company's main technical staff graduated from the original Shenyang Institute of Technology (Shenyang University of Technology), for many years engaged in high-frequency welded pipe equipment research and development, not only in the development of welded pipe equipment has achieved some success, but also in the rebar equipment and other self- Development has also made outstanding achievements.

    Sawing Machine Looking back at the past, we have made computer-sized foot saw, there are more than a thousand units in the domestic and foreign welded pipe production line, the computer technology continues to improve, has successfully applied the ARM processor, so that the operation speed of the saw machine, control Performance and corresponding functions have been greatly improved. The application of touch screen technology provides an ideal platform for online adjustment of the production process, making the saw more widely adapted to the site. In recent years, our company's production of flying saws is the speed of several hundred units each year, continue to market, with good performance and quality service has won wide acclaim from domestic and foreign customers.

Looking to the future, will be "realistic and enterprising, pioneering and innovative" spirit of hard work, excellence, and constantly toward a higher goal. I sincerely thank all the friends of our support and love, and sincerely look forward to working with friends happy cooperation, let us work together to create brilliant!