In Recent Years, The Output Value Of China's Wood Industry To Maintain An Annual Growth Rate Of More Than 25% Of The Building Materials Industry, The Fastest Growing Industry

- Dec 23, 2015-

In recent years, the output value of China's wood industry to maintain an annual growth rate of more than 25% of the building materials industry, the fastest growing industry. This development momentum, attracting more investment, large and small wooden door manufacturing enterprises springing up, get together and appeared at the doors of the market.
 Weihai based textile machinery technology and industry support services, through the transformation of the woodworking machinery industry cluster formation. Wangtai Jiaonan City previously textile machinery production base and sales distribution center transformation began production after the panel saw dozens of companies, is the assembly plant, fittings has specialized small companies processing. Similar panel saw corporate excessive, leading to intense competition, lower profits in 2010, part of enterprise began production of edge banding machine, win new market space.
 Generally speaking, Weihai woodworking machinery and equipment with Taiwan, the level of technology and processing accuracy less, but compared with Europe, there is a great gap. Many domestic furniture, cabinets and doors of businesses are now imported German heroic and Italian SCM woodworking machinery (quotations sander, sanding machine manufacturers directory) products, the aim is to achieve a higher standard of processing. As a the Weihai mature product, the quality of foreign products has been very connected to similar, but the overall level of Weihai Woodworking Machinery Manufacturing, the gap between Europe and the United States not be able to catch up with the twenty years.
 In fact, the distance of Weihai and Europe, but also a microcosm of the overall level of woodworking machinery in China and Europe gap. This gap is the technical level, more spiritual level. A boss made a vivid metaphor: Swiss watch parts to take over all our assembly, they can not achieve the precision of Europe. We are not so tight installation management system and quality control system, lack of roots in the rigorous national culture on the basis of meticulous professionalism.
 Time to enter the 21st century, in the era of market economy, enterprises and employees need a spiritual pursuit. Pursuit of this spirit, decided the good, bad, and decided the business situation is good or bad. The spirit soul is dominated by human activities, while building production construction, but also the production of the spirit - spirit of the company.