China's Woodworking Machinery Second Pioneering Era

- Jun 14, 2016-

The NC era is an indisputable fact, CNC automation, high efficiency, high-yield, high-quality favored, many traditional woodworking machinery and equipment has gradually been replaced by CNC woodworking machinery. In the past, when the era of labor costs are low enough, the enterprise in order to achieve the profit target will take the "human wave tactics, not pay enough attention to the configuration of the machinery and equipment, at best, choose the general trend in the market with its own power to match the profit-maximizing choice because sometimes select excellent equipment is not necessarily profitable, complete sets of furniture and equipment production line price of tens of millions, the annual interest on loans of up to a million, this cost can employ hundreds of employees, plus woodworking machinery and equipment repair and maintenance costs and equipment depreciation, and therefore very low labor costs, furniture market process less precision choice of traditional woodworking machinery and equipment investment in production to obtain the benefits, but better than choose CNC woodworking machinery.
 But social changes can not be reversed, although China is still the most populous country, but is not a cheap labor market in recent years, Chinese around the minimum wage level increased significantly, rising prices also led to the upgrading of the level of wages, the enterprises in the past by The practice of human wave tactics, improve employee labor intensity and extend working hours to increase output has been sorely tested in the furniture manufacturing industry and wood processing industry, requires a lot of skilled technical workers, skilled labor wage rates are higher than several times the minimum wage level, the other basic technical colleges across the country to train skilled workers of the furniture industry, and therefore can only be in the hands of the corporate staff training, training costs will come upon the furniture manufacturing business head, and after training employees change jobs, enterprise invested on put a torch discourage automated production lines in the past enterprises gradually turn the wheel, under the influence of various factors, CNC woodworking machinery and equipment manufacturers has also long been aware of this, some traditional woodworking machinery and equipment sold will no longer "cut-off", and thus intensify investment in NC, automation equipment research and development, and how to get the general operation of the workers can operate the equipment in a simple training, a few people in the past to operating woodworking machinery and equipment through the production line to minimize operator basically operator type workpiece parameters, start, the device automatically run the process operator need only observe the operation of equipment to avoid making mistakes, but also to reduce past the dirty labor work, day-to-day maintenance work easy and simple, the NC output products quantify the production, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the production, therefore, an opportunity to replace the traditional mechanical CNC woodworking machinery has emerged, who grasp will come to reap the business opportunities.