CNC router E3-1325C

- Jun 14, 2016-

CNC router application range:

Woodworking industry: decorative furniture, panel furniture, sewing machine table, making musical instruments, wooden crafts, model art, art font character, logo, sheet surface carving, solid wood furniture, art paintings, density board, solid wood door, free door paint, composite door, cabinet doors and windows, bedside cabinets, screen relief carving cutting, decoration processing, gift packaging, wave plate, electric table, sports activities, such as all kinds of wooden industrial 3D surface and shape cutting.

Mold industry: can carve all kinds of mold, wood, fonts, aviation wooden pattern, propeller, architectural models, sand table model, motor model, automotive foam mold and so on.

Advertising industry: acrylic, double color plate, PVC, ABS plate, aluminum plate, aluminum plate engraving V-shaped slot cutting, double color portrait, a three-dimensional billboard, all kinds of signs, badges, a seat plate, copper, fonts, font, all kinds of signs, trademark right, and so on.

Material processing: density board, wood board, synthetic board, multilayer board, planing plate, cork, native wood, PVC, gypsum, double color plate, aluminum plate, hibiscus board, organic glass, acrylic, ABS, finetech stone, sandstone, marble, granite, all artificial stone, box, guide plate, horn, all kinds of metal, hard plastic and so on.