Horizontal CNC Drilling Machine MZC865

Horizontal CNC Drilling Machine MZC865

5 Sides CNC Drilling machine SKZ5 1.double gripper an long rail for continuous drilling 2.Air floating table and press board,simutaneous drilling an pressing. 3.effiective

Product Details

Horizontal CNC Drilling machine MAC865

MZC865主要技术参数 Main technical parameters
板料厚度Sheet thickness15mm-60mm
钻孔最大深度Maximum depth of drilling 50mm
钻轴转速Drill shaft speed 1800rpm
加工长度Processing length≤2450mm
加工宽度Processing width ≥60mm
空载工作速度No-load speed 40m/min
空载打孔速度No-load drilling  speed 30m/min
空载扫描速度No-load scanning speed 20m/min
总功率Total poeer 2.65kw
工作电压Operrating boltage380v/50hz
外形尺寸Overall size3000*900*1380mm


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